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PACMAR / NANS Terms of Reference

Mission statement:

Government and Marine Users working together to implement safe, sensible and efficient solutions to enhance safety of life, protect property and the environment at a cost that is fair, reasonable and affordable.


To liaise with CCG and other Government agencies on matters related to safety of life, protection of property and the Marine environment on the Pacific Coast of Canada on behalf of Marine Users.  To review with CCG and other Government agencies the costs of services recovered through Marine Navigation Services Fees (MNSF) on the Pacific Coast of Canada on behalf of Marine Users.


Provide a forum for Marine users from various sectors to discuss issues and seek resolutions for the common benefit. To interface with CCG and other Government agencies to discuss issues and seek resolutions on matters affecting Marine Users.

Provide an opportunity to focus on a specific marine issue to enable a better understanding of the service provided by that sector.

Appoint sub-committees to deal in greater detail with specific issues and report to PACMAR with recommendations as necessary.

PACMAR may make recommendations to WMCC Board if and when required.

PACMAR may undertake tasks requested by WMCC Board when appropriate.


PACMAR will be open to the various sectors of the Marine community on the Pacific Coast of Canada.


The Panel will be headed by a Chair and Vice Chair. In November, a Vice Chair will be elected from the

membership, other than the Government Sector and preferably from other sectors. The Vice Chair will succeed the Chair in January each year.


  • BC Ferries Coastal
  • Towing
  • Foreign Shipping
  • Government
  • Pilots
  • Ports

Meeting Schedule:

PACMAR will meet monthly, on the last Wednesday of each month, or at the call of the Chair.

Notice of Meeting:

Notice shall be e-mailed to PACMAR members not less than 7 days preceding the date of the meeting. An agenda shall accompany the notice.

Rules of Procedure:

Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.