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Western Marine Community


Connecting and promoting
Canada’s marine industry

We are a coalition of Canada’s western marine community stakeholders that collaborates to promote the responsible growth and development of the marine community with regard to socio-economic, safety, and other pertinent issues.

Our members represent international cargo and passenger vessels, marine terminal operators, domestic tug operators, passenger vessels, the marine industrial sector, commercial and recreational boaters, and marine training institutions.

Our purpose is to:

  • Provide a focal contact point for its members and or governments;
  • Represent its members’ interests in a fair and reasoned manner, in the public arena and with governments, as may be appropriate;
  • Lobby on behalf of the marine community, to promote specific or other initiatives for the well-being of the membership;
  • Coordinate with, and support, other associations and recognized bodies on issues impacting their specific community(ies);
  • Provide an opportunity for technological exchange between its members;
  • Provide a non-partisan alliance to influence government policy where and when desirable;
  • Without replacing or duplicating any activities currently being addressed by other organizations, encourage collaboration between maritime sectors and others, as appropriate.
  • Not be involved in labour legislation or dispute issues that are subject of negotiation between one party and another;
  • Conduct its business activities in an ethically and socially responsible manner that safeguards the marine environment.

Board of Directors

Paul Hilder – Chair
Council of Marine Carriers

Bruce Hayne – Director
Boating BC Association

Paul Devries – Director
BC Coast Pilots Ltd.

Darren Johnston – Director
BC Ferries

Donna Spalding – Treasurer
Cruise Line International Association

Paul Devries – Director
BC Coast Pilots Ltd.

Shayne Daum – Director
BC Maritime Employers Association

Ferdi van de Kuijlen – Director
Int.l Shipowners Alliance of Canada

Shri Madiwal – Director
Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

Peter Swanson – Director
Chamber of Shipping

Jeff Crawford – Director
Neptune Bulk Terminals

Stan Bowles – Director
Nautical Institute – BC Branch

Kaity Arsoniadis – Director
Shipping Federation of Canada


Interested in Membership?

To inquire about membership complete the form and our Vetting Committee review your application.

Marine Building 630 – 355 BURRARD STREET
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