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WRRC Terms of Reference

Mission statement:

Government and Marine Users working together to promote opportunities for jobs and careers within all sectors of the Marine community in BC and advocate for funding of programs and training from all levels of Governments.


To liaise with the entire marine community (Industry, Labour Organizations, Indigenous Communities, Navy, CCG, Marine Training Institutions, Government agencies and other related organizations) on matters related to the attraction, education, and retention of new entrants to the industry and existing participates wanting to further their careers.


To provide a forum for Marine users from various sectors to discuss issues and seek solutions for the common benefit of the industry.

To develop and promote community and school outreach programs that highlight the opportunities within the marine industry to youth and second career seekers in partnership with the CMCF and ABCMI and other related organizations.

To develop a strategy to source grants and ongoing funding for programs to attract and promote the future marine industry workforce in BC and across Canada.

Research, identify and publish scholarship, bursary and mentoring opportunities available.

Advocate for the funding of marine labour workforce statistics across Canada broken down by region and sector.

Raise awareness of the significant impact the maritime industry has on the Canadian economy

Appoint sub-committees to deal in greater detail with specific issues and report to WRRC with recommendations as necessary.

WRRC may make recommendations to WMCC Board if and when required.

WRRC may undertake tasks requested by WMCC Board when appropriate.

WRRC will be comprised of a Chairperson, Vice Chair and members representing various sectors of the Marine community on the Pacific Coast of Canada.

Every two years, in September, the members of WRRC will elect a Chair person and a Vice – Chair from within its membership. The incumbent Chair and Vice – Chair may seek re-election.

Meeting Schedule
WRRC will meet Bi-monthly, on the last Wednesday of each month following PACMAR/NANS meeting or at the call of the Chair. The venue of the meeting will be based on above noted meeting or TBD.

Notice of Meeting:
Notice shall be e-mailed to WRRC members and interested participants not less than 7 days preceding the date of the meeting. An agenda shall accompany the notice.

Rules of Procedure:
Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order